> 瞬态的事件探测管理: 电平值,阈值,模板等
> 振动信号记录分析,使用NVGate的所有功能
> 监视过程中,数据记录优化
> 动态输入,DC输入,数据I/O,转速等
> 通过发送Email或者SMS进行事件通知
> 关机和重启管理


The system is a completely mobile. Installed on a machinery, its autonomy is assured by the power supply and the power cut management. Not only autonomous on the field, it is also totally remote controlled and provides information on the monitoring status. For each detection (change of state, over threshold…), an email is sent.

Starting conditions

Several conditions can be defined: starting date, threshold on rotation speed or DC channels, digital input status. The system looks on these parameters and starts the monitoring when all the conditions are met. With the same logic, the monitoring is interrupted if one of the conditions is not longer fulfilled.

Optimized data collection

The system allows continuous monitoring without overloading the memory disk. In this goal, monitored parameters (spectral, scalar or logic data) are recorded with a defined periodicity. These statistical data are saved and so follow forever the monitoring through. Added to these results, spectra and time domain signal are recorded for each event detection. All these results are stored in order to be directly available for their post analysis and so insure a continuous monitoring.

Detection management

The system manages several types of events which can be detected during monitoring: Mask comparison or overall level on dynamic channels, threshold on DC channels, status of digital inputs, threshold on the rotating speed. The detections are saved and activate a time domain signal record as well as digital inputs to launch specific actions. (luminous or sound signal).

Analysis tools

The monitored data can be visualized and consulted on-line. At the end of monitoring a report is displayed with an access to all the saved results. A data extraction of a specific period can be done in order to post-analyze it with NVGate.

In addition, the system can be controlled through an Internet connection. All the OROS analysis tools are then available for diagnostics.

Dedicated to your Demanding World

1. Temporary vibration monitoring of critical machinery.
2. After installation control of power generation turbines.
3. Predictive maintenance of industrial gear reductors and transmissions.
4. Unpredictable event capture on pumps and compressors (offshore, desert, overseas location).
5. Remote ship machinery health control on war ships, submarines and trade ships.
6. On board / out board analysis and recording for railways (subways, high speed trains) passing noise and vibration during standard operation.
7. Nuclear reactor monitoring and control in power plants and ships.

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